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Absorbent Gauze Roll (1500g)

Absorbent Gauze roll without X-ray (90cm x 90m-4ply) 1500g

Absorbent Gauze Roll (750g)

Absorbent Gauze Roll without without X-ray ( Absorbent Gauze roll without X-ray (90cm x 90m-4ply) 1500g. Sturdy and high quality. Has high absorptive power -4ply) 750g

Adult Diapers

KSh 1.00

Advanced Latex Examination gloves

powder free latex gloves, 1.5 AQL

Alcohol Pads

KSh 100.00

Autoclave Indicator Tape

KSh 174.00KSh 284.00

Bedside Rail

KSh 3,500.00

Circleg One

Modular prosthetic leg designed for above- and below-knee amputees. It’s fully customizable to each individual, using only basic tools and minimal effort. The use of reinforced plastics makes the prosthetic very lightweight and comfortable for everyday activities. The Circleg One is manufactured close to our beneficiaries, reducing costs and waiting time while allowing for easy repair and maintenance.

Circleg One – Cosmetic Cover TF S/M/L

Available for both transfemoral and transtibial amputees, the cover gives the Circleg its signature look. It forms a beautiful leg shape and maximum protection for your prosthesis. The lightweight material is impact, water and chemical resistant and can be adjusted in length and shape to suit the individual user. The cover also serves as an ideal base for customized leather or textile wrappings.

Circleg One – Dynamic Foot S/M/L

It is designed for active users and has extended durability and desired energy return. It provides a smooth rollover during

Circleg One – Polycentric Knee

It has high level of stability at heel strike and additional ground clearance during the swing phase. Knee allows for